Thundering Hearts/Tennessee Jukebox is a six piece (5+1) classic rock/country show band. We do not request brand names, but we do require that every piece of gear be recognizable and generally accepted as "PRO" audio equipment. If you have an "off-brand" piece of gear, please make us aware of this so that we may pre-approve it or request a substitute.

  1. 24 Channel Board (minimum). Capable of providing a minimum of two monitor mixes

  2. Bi-amped or tri-amped mains with adequate db level (90-100 max. needed) and positioning to cover a large ballroom filled with at least 1000 people

  3. 6 monitor wedges with 12" or 15" speakers and at least 1" horns

  4. 7 vocal mics (4 on boom stands, 1 on straight stand, 1 wireless on boom stand with 1 wired backup)

  5. 7 drum mics (Kick, snare, 2 for mounted toms, 1 floor tom, 2 overheads)

  6. 4 instrument mics (Shure SM-57 or equivalent)

  7. 4 direct boxes

  8. Adequate power amps and crossovers for P.A.

  9. Digital reverb unit

  10. Graphic E.Q. for mains and each monitor mix (Minimum of two monitor mixes)

  11. 2 stereo compressor/limiters

  12. CD player for pre-show/break music.

  13. All necessary and generally accepted cords, stands, etc for P.A.

  14. 2 guitar amps (Fender Twins, Peavey Classic 50's, Roland Jazz Chorus, or comparable)

  15. 1 Bass amp (GK, Ampeg, SWR or comparable with 200+ watts and 15" speaker)

  16. 1 keyboard amp (Peavey KB 400, Crate K160, Roland KC-500, or comparable

  17. 1 keyboard with stand and sustain pedal (Yamaha EX5, Korg O1W, or Korg Trinity Pro X or comparable)

  18. 1 "Standard" drum kit (Pearl, Ludwig, or Yamaha) Including: kick drum with pedal, snare drum with stand, 2 mounted toms, 1 floor tom, high-hat stand with clutch and pedal, three "boom" cymbal stands, one drum throne. 5 Cymbals: (Zildjian or Sabian) 1 set of 14" high-hat cymbals, 2 crash cymbals (16" - 18"), 1 ride cymbal (20" - 24")

  19. 10 par can elevated lighting system (minimum) with changeable scenes and chases; three color (minimum) wash (Blue, Red, and Amber)

  20. 1 follow spot with operator (Optional on some dates)

  21. Questions? Feel free to send us email, or call (615) 832-3473.



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